Ubble x Tandemz: "UX without testing is divination"

Loïs Gauthier
October 12, 2022

We can argue that most UX professionals are convinced of the need to meet their users. The difficulties they encounter are in terms of time, process and tools.

How do you find the time and resources to build scalable and effective UX practices? In this article, we explore these questions with Simon Vandereecken, UX Lead at Ubble and Tandemz’ client.

We often think we know our users, our customers. In reality, we know an archetype of a perfect, imaginary user; an average user that doesn't really exist.

Simon and Ubble

Simon has been working in the field of user experience since 2011: he has worked as a freelancer, in agencies and for advertisers (BNP Paribas, Bankin'). He is now Lead UX at Ubble.

Founded in 2018, this French startup that raised €8M in 2020 and was acquired by Checkout in 2022 develops an online identity verification solution through a technology combining live video, artificial intelligence and human verification. UX is at the heart of their challenges as identity verification must fit seamlessly into the user’s journey while guaranteeing the reliability of the authentication.

Initiating UX research in a startup

Let's explore the search habits at Ubble before Simon's arrival and how he introduced new processes and methods with the help of Tandemz.

User research at Ubble

Before Simon's arrival at Ubble, due to the lack of a solution, user tests were carried out by the teams but with a lack of centralization and methodology, insights were lost and they found it hard to really include user experience deep inside their processes.

Tandemz comes in

Ubble's user research needs are focused on the continuous improvement of their identity verification solution:

  • detect user pain points and frictions
  • measure the usability of the solution and the clarity of the instructions
  • measure the fluidity of the verification process and its integration into the overall customer experience

To do this, Simon favors in person moderated interviews (he meets the participants at Ubble's offices in Paris) in order to be able to take into account the verbal AND non-verbal reactions of the participants with more precision. Following the recommendation of a peer, he turned to Tandemz to recruit his participants.

UX without testing is divination.

Testers recruitment target

Ubble's clients are companies in the banking sector or tech startups whose end users are individuals (B2B2C). Ubble does not have direct access to the end users of their solution. Tandemz, thanks to its targeting features, allows Ubble to recruit participants matching their customers' end-users without soliciting them.

🎯 Tandemz helps limit 3 of Simon's major pain points in his user research:

  • participant recruitment
  • no show management
  • removing the multitude of tools usually needed for research

➡️ Time saving and reduced mental load


Since his arrival at Ubble, Simon has already conducted 6 recruitment sessions with Tandemz. Depending on his objectives, he needed between 5 and 10 participants and this objective has been met by Tandemz in the majority of cases.

Before using Tandemz, Simon was sometimes faced with no-show rates of up to 50%. We managed to reduce this figure to 10%.

Driving more user-centricity at Ubble

The tests performed by Simon allow Ubble to support their sales pitch to their B2B customers by:

  • providing them verbatims
  • justifying decisions and offering arguments on points of experience
  • reassuring clients of the quality of the user experience offered by their solution, verified through testing

Carrying out tests before the client's request allows them to enhance their commercial relationship by justifying the seriousness of the work done.

Through the tests, Ubble realized that the demographic criteria did not have an impact on the success of the identity verification tests. Rather, it is the degree of comfort with a smartphone and the mastery of the interface language that can reduce test success.

Therefore, this insight helps to define the targeting of subsequent test iterations (instead of segmenting on age for example).

💡 How does Ubble use UX research to nurture user empathy within its teams?

  • By inviting a different person from the company to each test and booking some time during the interview for that person's questions
  • By giving employees access to the recording of the interviews (before deleting the data)

In this way, Simon develops a better internal knowledge of customers that feeds the strategy and relevance of all the teams involved. This transversality of customer knowledge is a major characteristic of a customer-centric company.

Buying credits for more agile research processes

Given the frequency of UX work done by Simon, Ubble decided to buy Tandemz credits. These credits facilitate the UX processes internally by:

  • reducing the time between the decision to carry out a study and its completion (no budget or additional estimate to validate)
  • benefiting from numerous advantages: free credits from 5k€ purchased, dedicated Tandemz consultant

Ubble is one of the many customers who have purchased Tandemz credits (Air France, Mozza, Jobteaser, CDiscount, Schneider Electric among others).

Buying Tandemz credits allows us to perpetuate user research at Ubble, to make tests more regular in order to maximize the ROI of our actions.

Chat with us to know more about how credits can help your orgnization become more agile.

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Interview conducted with Simon Vandereecken on 08/09/2022

You too, unlock the full potential of your user research with Tandemz!

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