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Companies and brands need you to buold their future products. Test their novelties, discuss and share your opinion with them. You know nothing about it. That's exactly why your opinion is valuable to them.

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1. Answer a few questions

Un court questionnaire nous permettra d'en savoir un peu plus sur vous. Les questions sont très simples et différentes pour chaque étude.

2. Schedule a meeting

Si votre profil convient et que vous êtes disponible aux horaires de l'étude, nous vous proposons des créneaux pour réaliser la rencontre.

3. Join the meeting

Your tandem will share the meeting information. Come to the meeting and follow the process. We are only looking for your honest opinion and feeling.

4. Receive your compensation

Une fois que vous nous avez confirmé que tout s'est bien déroulé pour vous, nous vous reversons la rémunération associée. Prêt à recommencer?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the answer to your question missing? Feel free to contact us in the chat.
How does a study work?
Dès qu'une étude se présente, lorsque vous faites partie du panel Tandemz et que votre profil correspond aux critères de l'étude, vous recevrez une notification par mail vous invitant à participer à cette nouvelle étude.Si vous souhaitez participer, le process est très simple :

When a study is launched, if you are part of the Tandemz's panel and your profile match the study's criteria, you will be invited by email to join the study. If you wish to go forward, the process is very simple
Illustration du processus de participation à une étude Tandemz
If you have doubts or questions, feel free to contact us in the chat (in the bottom right of your screen) or by email at support@tandemz.io.
How to join Tandemz's panel?
To join Tandemz's panel, click here and fill in your information. If you have anu doubts or questions, feel free to contact us by email at support@tandemz.io.
Why should I participe in studies?
Il y a plein de bonnes raisons pour participer à des études. En voici quelques-unes :
There are many good reasons to become a tester with Tandemz. Here are a few:
  • Give your opinion, change the world: give your honest opinion to brands and companies you meet. Your feedback has the power to completely change the direction a product's strategy takes.
  • You might test novelties that are not even out yet! What do you think of discovering the new trendy app bedore everyone?
  • Your time is precious, we compensate you: coupons, promo codes, money, companies offer your a counterpart to your participation. Being paid to give your opinion, how does that sound?
What is a user test?
A user test allows companies to challange their products or apps with users' reality. A user test's goal is to understand the way users interact with a product and the challenges they might face.

Companies are looking to meet users who match their core customer target in order to study their needs, the way the think and interact with a product.

Their are several ways to conduct user tests: in-person or remotely, in interaction with the product or not, interview or observation, prototype testing or launched product testing, focus group or one-to-one. The only prerequisite is that users be honest in their answers.
Is my data safe?
Your data is protected. Tandemz follows the RGPD regulation and your personal data are never transfered to third-parties. You can also request to be sent that data avaiable about you on the platform or demand it to be removed from our database.
Can I become a professional tester?
Il n'est pas possible de vivre exclusivement des récompenses obtenues sur Tandemz. Le nombre de rencontres auxquelles vous pouvez participer est bloqué au-delà d'une certaine limite.

It is not possible to earn a living exclusively from Tandemz compensations. The number of studies you can participate in is blocked over a certain amount.
How can I asked for my personal data to be modified?
To request a modification of your personal data, write to us on the chat or by email support@tandemz.io and specify whch changes you would like to be made.
I don't want to be part of Tandemz's panel anymore
If you do not wish to be contacted again to participate in studies, write to us at support@tandemz.io with "Unsubscribe from the panel" as email subject: we will delete your data as soon as possible.

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