These present guidelines define the rules for participation in the studies. Acceptance of these rules is necessary for your participation. By ticking the box provided on our platform, you acknowledge that you have read the rules, understood them and accept them.

Article 1

The recruitment questionnaire is a decisive element in your selection for a study. It allows us to identify whether your profile corresponds to the participation criteria defined by our partner. The information requested can be of any nature: consumption habits, age, country, sex, family situation, profession, etc.

By completing the recruitment questionnaire, you agree that any information you provide will be accurate, complete, current and truthful. If this is not the case, you risk being withdrawn from the study, whatever the stage of participation in the study, and no compensation will be due.

Article 2

When a study is offered to you, a presentation will be sent to you explaining the process and informing you of the amount of compensation. You are free to accept or refuse to participate in the study.

A consent form may also be given to you before the start of the study by our partner. Participation in the study will then be conditional on acceptance of our partner's specific rules of participation.

Article 3

When the study is carried out by our partner, TANDEMZ is not a party to the study. Consequently, TANDEMZ cannot be held liable for any damage caused to you in the course of the study. We are only responsible for your recruitment and have no role in the execution of the study. The study is carried out by our partner, who alone will validate your participation in the study.

Article 4

When a study is offered to you, it is offered on a personal basis, taking into account your profile. Under no circumstances may another person participate in the study in your place. Under no circumstances may you participate several times in the same study under different profiles. Any usurpation of identity, creation of false profiles, will result in withdrawal from the study, regardless of the stage of participation in the study, and no compensation will be due.

When a study is proposed to you, your participation is conditional on strict compliance with :

  • the instructions that will be given to you;
  • the days and times of appointments (physical or telephone) made with your agreement;
  • the deadlines when the study consists of returning answers to a questionnaire or survey.

Any failure to comply with the conditions of participation, or any circumvention of our rules, will result in your withdrawal from the study and no compensation will be due.

Article 5

You are free to stop the study at any time. To do so, you must formulate your withdrawal on our platform or with our partner. In case of withdrawal, no compensation will be due.

You can change the days and times of your appointments on our platform. Nevertheless, reliability is an essential quality for participation in the studies. A request for a change of day and time can only be exceptional and will only be taken into account if it is made sufficiently in advance of the appointment, within the time limit indicated on the platform. If you do not keep your appointment, you will be withdrawn from the study and no compensation will be due.

Article 6

At the end of your participation in the study, a compensation will be paid to you by gift voucher or by transfer to your Paypal account. The method of compensation is determined by TANDEMZ and will be indicated on the study presentation sheet. The compensation is generally paid within seven (7) days from the validation of your participation by our partner. An email will be sent to you to confirm that your participation has been taken into account and the compensation paid.

For some studies, you can, if you wish, donate your compensation to one of the associations listed on our platform.

In the event that you have a choice between several methods of compensation, the method of compensation you choose will be firm and definitive, and no subsequent change can be taken into account.

The amount and type of compensation varies from study to study. This information will always be made clear to you before each recruitment.

The compensation is not taxable.

Article 7

Under no circumstances does participation in the studies constitute employment. You acknowledge that there is no relationship of subordination between you and TANDEMZ, and that TANDEMZ does not act at any time as your direct or indirect employer.

In the same way, there is no relationship of subordination between you and our partner, and our partner does not act at any time as your direct or indirect employer.

Article 8

Interviews conducted as part of surveys may be recorded and stored by TANDEMZ and/or our partner for the duration of the survey.

Where your data is processed by our partner, their privacy policy will apply.

When your data is processed by us, your personal data is collected and processed for the management of our participant database and to enable your recruitment to the studies offered by our partners.

In accordance with our privacy policy, we undertake to process your personal data in strict compliance with the regulations applicable to the protection of personal data.You have the right to access, rectify, delete, limit and port your personal data.

You also have the right to have your personal data deleted, as well as the right to lodge a complaint with the CNIL if you consider that the processing carried out by TANDEMZ constitutes a violation of your personal data ( You may exercise your rights at any time by emailing the following address:

Article 9

By agreeing to participate in a study, you acknowledge that any information you may receive is confidential. You undertake to respect the strictest discretion and to refrain from communicating this information to anyone without our agreement or the agreement of our partner.

Article 10

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