Automate the logistics of your UXR

With research automation, teams deliver better results and create more user centric products

Automate to increase your impact

Gather more insights

Get more exposure time with users

Increase the UX maturity of your organization

Collaborate in your research across teams to spread the impact of your research

Less operations, more research

Focus research efforts on high-value tasks

Create research rituals

Let researchers become user experts by giving them easy access to feedback

Gain 5 days on the
organization of a study

A systematic approach to user recruitment

No more guessing: give your teams a tool to reach qualified users on a regular basis

With the right tool, your team can spend more time with users and create better products.

Screen & select

Duplicate studies and screeners

Do you often work with the same or similar user targets? Duplicate your work to go faster and never start from scratch again

  • screener duplication
  • save frequent questions

Let users slide into your calendar

No more back and forth with users to organize a test: synchronize your calendar, configure your availabilities and let users choose their desired spot.

  • calendar synchronization
  • booking management
  • reminders
  • reschedule, no-show management

All of your interactions with users in one place

Centralize your interactions with users to gain clarity

  • direct messaging within the app
  • reschedule meeting
  • rate your meeting/participant

We thank users
for you

Stay protected from no-shows and unreliable participants. We charge you only for honest participants and take care of their incentive for you.

  • incentive distribution
  • no-show reduction and management
    back-up testers

What research are you conducting?

Give your team the tool
to UXR success

Automate your UXR