Amplify the impact of your panel with automation

Tap into the potential of your private pool with our automation features

Give power to your data,
create your private pool

Upload your user base to Tandemz

Select the users you want to upload to Tandemz to create your private pool of testers

Connect fields

Define the criteria and datapoints you want to use to segment your private pool

Reach your audience

Enrich your data with behavioral criteria and send requests to your users

Gather feedback

Launch qualitative or quantitative studies with your users to gain better insights

Reach your users with more ease

Don't let your data sleep: tap into the power of your database, gain knowmedge of your users

Use your existing resources to boost the return-on-investment of your UX research

Screen & select

Keep ownership of your data

Tap into the potential of your data without risking its integrity - GDPR friendly

Import or create your private pool

You can choose to import an existing pool within Tandemz or create it from scratch with us

  • pool importation
  • pool creation

Use your existing CRM data
for your UX research

Amplify your panel