Tandemz is the self-service recruiting platform for all your user research needs. Founded in 2019 by Marine, France and Nicolas, the company is determined to become the biggest and most accessible source of testers in the world.

The whole at Station F in 2022

3 founders, one expertise: user experience

After several years in the UX field, France and Nicolas were sharpening their vision of an ever expanding sector that has yet to become mature. Tools and solutions were needed to support the growth of companies' user research needs.

Marine, France et Nicolas wanted to start an entrepreneurial journey to harness their commercial, design and technical skills.

Marine, CEO

Customer success manager with more than 7 years of experience

France, CPO

UX designer, mentor and speaker, with more than 7 years of experience

Nicolas, CTO

Lead developer and experienced coach, with more than 9 years of experience

One observation : finding testers was more than difficult

À travers son expérience d'UX designer, France réalise que la difficulté de recruter des testeurs est une constante du secteur: designers et équipes produits sont convaincus de la nécessité de baser leur travail sur les insights utilisateurs pour créer des outils utiles et impactants mais ils font face à une complexité logistique et des tâches chronophages qui leur font perdre du temps dans leur travail au quotidien.

Cette situation donne lieu à des compromis qui réduisent la pertinence de la rechercher utilisateur au sein des organisations:

Through her experience as UX designer, France realized recruiting testers is a shared struggle in the field: designers and product teams are convinced of the importance of putting user insights at the center of their work to create useful and impactful tools. However, they face time consuming tasks logistic complexity which impacts their ability to focus on their users.

This situation leads to compromises which reduce the relevance of user research within organizations:

  • testing with colleagues, friends or testers that are not related to their customer target
  • make do with less or no tests at all
  • work with traditionnal actors such as panels and agencies whose deadlines are long (several weeks) and costs higher

One idea: a platform to manage testers

This is how the idea came of a solution to harness to power of automation and the targeting of social media to offer self-service qualified testers on-demand with shorts deadlines and accessible pricing to accomodate as many stakeholder in the field of user research as possible.

A tool which allows to manager the whole testers' recruitment value chain:

  • targeting
  • screening
  • selection
  • meeting scheduling
  • counterpart

A partnership between researchers and testers

Tandemz c'est le désir d'aligner les besoins des researchers et des utilisateurs, de créer une synergie au service de la qualité de l'expérience et de l'inclusivité des interfaces.

Tandemz is born from the desire to align researchers' and users' needs, to create synergies serving the quality of the experience and the inclusivity of interfaces.

Researcher noting observations


Researchers are constantly looking for solutions to make their interfaces more user-centric. They enjoy being able to delegate their research ops to Tandemz while optimizing their user research ROI.

A person testing on mobile


Testers like giving their opinion and taking part in the creation and enhancement of interfaces.
They are also happy to make extra money while feeling useful.

Tandemz in numbers

A reliable partner for UX research

Within 3 years of existance, Tandemz has grown into a reliable partner for more than 150 companies recruiting their testers with us. We work with freelancers, agencies, SMEs, startups and big corporations who put their users at the heart of their work.

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