In her previous job as a UX Designer, France used to do a lot of user tests or interviews for her different clients. But as different as the projects were, the one constant was how painful and difficult finding the right testers was. Following the common saying of "Some tests are better than no tests", she would often interview friends and colleagues just to get a user test done. When looking around her to other designers and product teams, she realized that many shared her problem.

How can recruiting participants for user research still be so difficult today, in the age of Internet?

What if you could get insights from real users in just a few clicks? What if you could get in touch with your target users easily, whenever and wherever you need?

Let's go! France, Marine and Nicolas are on the road to build Tandemz, the biggest and most accessible source of testers in the world. Using the power of social media, Tandemz connects you with the participants you need. On our quote page, describe your ideal target profile and get an estimate for your study in seconds. Ready to launch? Our algorithm is recruiting the best participants for you.

Why the name Tandemz? Because it is always easier to climb a mountain with someone than alone. And it is the same when building a product! To improve it, there is no better way than to do it with the help of users. Pedaling a short time with your clients, in the same direction.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any question or needs!

See you soon!