B2C audience for moderated research

from 60€/hour
Talk to consumers about their habits and behaviors
Broad targeting from 60€/hour
Precise targeting from 80€/hour
In person, phonecall, videocall
Incentive included

B2B audience for moderated research

from 140€/hour
Talk to professionals about how they work
Basic skills from 140€/hour
Specialist skills from 250€/hour
Top management from 350€/hour
Incentive included

Participants for unmoderated research

from 7€/participant
Get answers to your surveys and unmoderated tests
Broad targeting from 7€/participant
Precise targeting from 11€/participant
Incentive included

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For research heavy teams

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1. Who is your research target?

Target consumers and professionals from around the world. All our prices include incentives.
B2C unmoderated from €7/participant
B2C moderated from €40/participant
B2B moderated from €110/participant
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2. What features do you need?

Free access to all basic features or subscribe to unlock advanced calendar and team features.
Free access to recruit
Pro €100/month
Enterprise (custom)
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3. Pay now or pay later?

Pay per study and stay flexible, or plan ahead with prepaid credit packages, valid for 12 months.
Pay-as-you-go (pay after each study)
€5000 credits
get 5% free
€10 000 credits
get 10% free
€20 000 credits
get 15% free
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