UX Reseach Methods Decision Chart

France Wang
January 23, 2024

What you'll learn

When it comes to User Research, too often PMs and designers will default to doing interviews and usability tests (with the odd survey thrown in there). In doing so, they overlook a myriad of other methodologies that could yield insights more efficiently. Our mission here is to guide you towards the optimal research method for your objectives, be it to craft your product strategy for the upcoming year or to ensure that the feature you developed will answer real needs.

Start at the top, then answer each question one by one: the chart will lead you to one or two optimal methods to get you the answers you need. BONUS! For each method, you'll also get access to

  • A short definition
  • A couple of external resources and guides for an even deeper understanding
  • A list of tools that can help you put the method in practice

Even though we select only a few methods per flow chart branching, keep in mind that the best method is the mixed method! You should always combine them and switch up methods that you use - this is the best way to ensure you get diversified and relevant feedback while also compensating for each method's blind spots!

Who is it for?

This flow chart was crafted with Designers and PMs who only do Research occasionally in mind. It focuses as much as possible on practical questions. However, it's versatile enough for seasoned UX or research professionals to leverage—whether to educate stakeholders or to critically assess and refine their own research plans.

It also combines very well with our UX Research Scoping Canvas!

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