One of the most common question we get from clients and prospects is the following one: "Can you recruit {{insert audience description}} ?"

Want to have a look on what Tandemz is capable of on your own, instead of asking us? It now possible!

We've compiled a database of recruitments made through our platform. Some of these studies were successes, and some were not : the goal is to help you get an idea of what we can and can't do, in what time, and at what cost.

This is an interactive document, constantly evolving according to our latest fulfilled recruitments, that can be filtered and sorted to help you find a recruitment that could be close to what you need. For each selected study, you'll be able to see :

  • The audience's country of residence (some studies recruit in multiple countries). Some studies targeted specific cities. Those are marked with the mention "📍 city or neighbourhood" in addition to the country tag
  • The type of study :

    • B2C or B2B
    • Remote or In person
    • Additional mention if was a focus group (most studies are one to one discussions)
  • The audience and themes for this study. These are premade categories to help you narrow down your search. Note that on the platform, audiences are much more precise (you can target several demographic and professional criteria, we just couldn't make everything fit in here😅).
  • A brief description of the audience, to give additional detail on the participants recruited
  • How many participants were requested, and how many were actually recruited
  • How long it took to recruit these participants.
  • How much it cost per participant

Not all of our studies or details are displayed for confidentiality reasons but there should be enough information to get a grasp of the target audience for each study.