Frequently Asked Questions

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Tandemz allows you to recruit participants for all your research studies : surveys, in person or online interviews / usability tests, unmoderated usability tests, tree testing, card sorting, 1st click, 5seconds test...

Participants are recruited from our worldwide community, and when the community is insufficient to meet your study needs, we source them directly on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Our algorithm uses the power of social networks' ads targeting to display your study directly to the right users.

Many countries are already represented in our community: USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong… Participants are sourced in English. If you want us to source participants in another language, translation fees will be added.

Our pricing includes participants incentive and our service fee. Our algorithm adjusts each part according to the type of study, cost of living in selected countries (to keep our incentives attractive) and complexity of recruitment. Each criteria can have an impact on the incentive and/or on the fees.

Evaluate the price of your needs in a few clicks!

Our algorithm takes into account the difficulty of each criteria to offer you the best price according to your needs! This difficulty is evaluated according to the size of your potential target audience, and as such, price adjustments might differ from one criteria to the other.

Once you launch the recruitment, our algorithm will automatically contact the profile that best suits your target audience. On the Tandemz platform, you can view each participant's answers to your screener and check their profile. You can pick and choose which participants are best suited to your study, and reject the other profiles!

Not yet! But you can add a link to your current tools so that participants can be redirected to the study.

As soon as you launch recruitment, our algorithm starts contacting the best profiles for your study. Your get your first participants in just a few hours!

It is possible to target B2B participants or a difficult target on Tandemz. Both the incentive and the fees will be higher, as the recruitment will be more complex.

You can add a screener before launching the recruitment. Use the screener to ask any question you need in order to gain better knowledge of your participants' profiles. You will then be able to select the ones you really want to connect with. If this solution does not fit you, contact us, we'd be happy to help and find an alternative way of targeting your dream participants!

We can offer you additional services to help you during your study. Do not hesitate to contact us by chat or by email at to let us know your needs.

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