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Nowadays, products are borderless, so why should your user research be? With Tandemz, finding participants outside of your country has never been this easy!

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Review participant profiles and handpick who gets to participate in your study - or automatise your validation workflow via your screener!


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Centralise all your communication with participants on Tandemz: message them directly from the app, sync your calendar availabilities, and let the platform handle the incentives. Say goodbye to the multitude of tools that clutter your user research!

We mainly recruit participants through social media ads - this allows us to be very precise in our targeting and to recruit worldwide!

For general targets, the first couple of qualified participants generally appear within 24h after your project launch. The session will then fill itself within 3 to 5 working days.
For professional targets, timing is trickier, therefore we usually set up a call with you in order to be able to estimate the time it would take to recruit.

Our recruitment method through social network ads allows us to people in any country! For now our clients mainly recruit in the US, France, the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Brazil and HongKong.
The only country that is for now unavailable is China, as most of the social networks we use are banned there.

Yes we do! However, we will need to discuss your target directly before we can start recruiting in order to study the project's complexity and timing needs. Just choose the "Professionals" option in our recruit page to send us your requirements, and we will be in touch!

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In no time, Tandemz provides me qualified participants for interviews, which gives me more time to do my job. I can finally focus on what really matters: talking to my users!

Ulysse, UX researcher @Mozza

Tandemz’s service is simple and reliable. What I liked the most was being able to quickly reach international targets, in the US or in the UK for example.

Grégoire, founder @Cousto

We had a great experience, and we are very happy with the results. The respondents and participants to the interviews were top notch, the selection was perfect, and we gained very rich insights.

Bruno, VP Product @Shine

They support us!

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